Futura Leathers

Founded in 1985 by Luigi Mazzocco and Simon Croucher, FUTURA Leathers SpA has become an internationally recognised, world-class leather producer with a reputation for quality, service and innovation.

For some people it is the softness of the leather, for others it is the price. For us both are a main concern. Each batch of leather is tested before it leaves the tannery so that we can ensure and guarantee constant quality.

FUTURA Leathers is a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified company and the overall target of having a formal quality control management system is to produce a quality leather that continually satisfies the customer. It is a formal commitment to our customers to ensure reliability and satisfaction along with being an instrument for error prevention with an emphasis on constant updating and improvement. The quality system not only covers our products but also the management of information, deliveries, logistics,problem solving and customer relations.

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