Sandlebridge Hand-Painted 3 Piece Abstract Oil Painting 86"x23" (Blue & Gold) ART701SBR

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Transform your office space with the Sandlebridge 3 Piece Abstract Oil Painting Set, featuring three multi-colored panels encased in sleek black frames. Ideal for enhancing the ambiance of reception areas, waiting rooms, or private offices, these paintings merge abstract art with contemporary design, offering a visually stimulating and creative environment for both employees and visitors.

Enhance your workspace with the Sandlebridge Abstract Oil Painting Set, a trio of captivating artworks that bring a dynamic and creative energy to any office environment. This set features three panels, each with a unique, abstract design that combines a multitude of colors, creating a visually engaging experience. The black frames provide a sleek and modern edge, making these paintings versatile for various office styles, including reception areas, waiting rooms, or private offices.

Each panel in this set measures 86"x23" x 2" depth, making a significant impact wherever they are displayed. The textured design of the paintings adds depth and dimension, inviting viewers to pause and appreciate the intricacy of each brushstroke. Crafted with a contemporary style in mind and weighing a total of 45 lbs, these paintings are not just decorative pieces but symbols of Sandlebridge's commitment to quality and design excellence.

Whether you're looking to inspire creativity among your team or provide a visually stimulating environment for clients and visitors, the Sandlebridge Abstract Oil Painting Set is an ideal choice. It reflects a fusion of artistic expression and modern office decor, creating a harmonious and inspiring atmosphere in any professional setting.

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